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A look at the enterprise level content management system, conceived as a Java alternative to PHP based CMSs.

Most content management systems tend to have a PHP base, which is consistent with open source systems, and the amount of servers which support PHP technologies (for instance Apache, Debian, UNIX). DotCMS proves you can have an open source content management system that supports anything other than PHP. Instead, it is built on Java, a programming language originally used to programme electronic devices.

DotCMS emerged in 2005 after five years development by dotMarketing Inc. in creating a low cost open source CMS with enterprise level features. It has its roots in dotProject, originally developed by Will Ezell in 2000 as an open source equivalent to Microsoft Project. It is a truly scaleable CMS designed for mobile devices, with both its websites and back end interface created with responsive web design in mind.

Why Choose dotCMS

  • Cloud Hosting: fully maintained with the latest patches and security updates whether you choose a single server or more;
  • Multiple Sites: host as many sites as you want: microsites, landing pages and blogs as well as your standard site - from one CMS back end;
  • Professional Support: choose from community forums to 24/7 response (varies according to package). Training courses also available;
  • Push Publishing: supports push notifications on all mobile devices with stable server infrastructure;
  • Community and Enterprise Editions: choose from the free Community edition or the paid-for Enterprise Edition (30 day free trial available);
  • Drupal Integration: CMIS not only allows dotCMS content and files to read by other CMIS clients like Sharepoint and Liferay, but also Drupal;
  • SEO Friendly: search engine friendly URLs and scaleable content designed for all devices, from desktop PC to the smallest of smartphones;
  • Supports Responsive Web Design: front end and back end fully responsive.

DotCMS is designed for the future. A future where mobile browsing is set to be the norm. Up in the clouds, also true of dotCMS's cloud hosting packages with load balanced servers and installations designed for anything from the most modest to elaborate projects. Aboard the dotCMS Enterprise, their solutions boldly go where no other content management system has gone before. Their Enterprise level packages can support a myriad of sites, from one control panel: from landing pages to all-singing and all-dancing monolithic eCommerce stores. There is support ranging from community forums to urgent telephone advice, online training sessions and conferences.

DotCMS has the ability to beam content onto mobile devices. It supports Push Publishing methods by means of updates, fresh blog content and web apps. There is also interconnectivity with other CMIS clients by dotCMS - and Drupal, a PHP based CMS unlike dotCMS's Java base.

Plus, its SEO friendly structure allows dotCMS built websites to be beamed onto the Top Ten results of major search engines. Its fully scaleable approach and support for mobile devices will stand it in good stead for years to come. Right now, dotCMS is the favoured content management system of a number of Blue Chip companies. Such as Arqiva, who owns the UK's television transmitters - the sort which beamed this writer's hazy memories of Fred Harris on The Computer Programme 30 years ago. Panasonic, whose televisions have been beamed from Winter Hill for many a year. DotCMS could be the one to watch.


  • Latest Stable Version: 2.5
  • Popularity: 31st
  • Number of Sites: 4,145 (11 June 2014)
  • Used By: Panasonic, Standard and Poors, Arqiva, Goodyear, Honda, Aon.

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